We do our repairs on site, and we can do simple repairs while you wait. In some cases, we are the only local company who does this type of repair. If your glasses are broken, we can fix them.

Most in house repairs run $26-$55

Types of Eyeglass Repair

  • Temple replacement
  • Solder broken eyeglass frames
  • Fit old lenses into new frames
  • Replace nose pads
  • Replace/fix broken screws
  • Inserting nose pads
  • Resink hinges

Eyeglass Maintenance

Proper maintenance is important to your good vision. Your eyeglasses will be fit to your face so that they are aligned properly with your eyes, so it is valuable to keep them in good repair. In addition, scratched lenses can impair your vision. Here are some tips for keeping your glasses in top shape.

  1. Use both hands to put on and take off your glasses, which protects the alignment of your frames to your face and ears.
  2. Check your frames periodically to see if they are out of alignment and test for loose screws. Stop by and see us if you notice any repairs which need to be made.
  3. Stop by periodically and we will be happy to check and adjust your frames for no charge. Making adjustments like these at home can often damage your frames or loosen design elements.
  4. Wash your lenses and frames often with soapy water and a soft cloth. Try not to use paper napkins or towels, as these may scratch your frames.
  5. Store your glasses in a protective case, which protects the lenses from scratching and prevents the frames from being stretched out of shape.