Designer Eyewear & Repair

Our service keeps our customers coming back for their eyeglasses and eyeglass repairs. We have been in serving the Puget Sound since John Scheuerman opened for business in 1939, and we find that once our customers have been fitted for eyeglass frames in our store, they are our customers for life.

What our customers say:
I want to thank you for your kindness, patience, and expertise in dealing with my glasses. What a joy it was to get up this morning and be able to see clearly and be able to read. I also want to make a comment about your shop. The little fountain and the radio playing softly adds much to the customer's relaxation.

On-site Eyeglass Frame Repairs

We are one of the few local companies who can repair your eyeglasses right in our offices. This means not only will you get your glasses back faster, but we can also make any adjustments needed when you come to pick them up.

Hard to Fill Eyeglass Prescriptions

We are able to fill strong prescriptions, or eyeglass prescriptions which are difficult to fill. If you have had a hard time finding someone to work with your particular prescription, come by and we can help you.

More Than a Fashion Consultation

We know you want to look good in the eyewear that you choose, and we can help you do that. However, because we have licensed opticians on staff, we can also make sure that your glasses enhance your vision properly and benefit your overall eye health.

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